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Hi! I am Susanna Marchesi. I am a private chef.
I am an enthusiastic and energetic person, always looking for new flavours and challenges to surprise and delight my clients.

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Private Chef Service

Looking to spice up your holidays, yacht trip or simply looking for a flexible private chef? Book Susanna as an alternative to traditional restaurant dining and enjoy a bespoke private culinary experience.

Hors d'oeuvres

& Events

Good food enterains.

Susanna will design bite-sized canapés, plattered foods and bespoke cocktail selections to match your needs and desires. Susanna is available to book for both corporate and private events worldwide.

Private Culinary Lessons

Jazz up your culinary skills. A private lesson with Susanna will sharpen your technique, equip you with kitchen tricks and a marvelous recipe repertoire. All lessons are custom designed to match your taste, skills and kitchen tools.

F&B Consulting

Looking to invest in the restaurant business? Developing a new, innovative product for your brand? Launching a private dining service? Susanna is a food and beverage expert who can help you convert your ideas into reality.

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