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Futuristic Food Trends - Tomato, Potato

Thompson & Morgan

Tomato, Potato

What would you call a plant that grows tomatoes up top and potatoes down below?

A pomato? A tompato? The breeder of just such a plant, British seed catalog Thompson & Morgan, has settled on the name TomTato.

The multi-tasking plant is not genetically engineered in the modern sense of the word. Instead it's a hybrid made by grafting the two plants together, the cataloger explained in a statement. Normally this is a difficult horticultural feat to pull off, but it's possible in this case because the tomato and potato are closely related and share enough genetic traits to happily cohabitate on the same stem.

The ketchup-and-fries potted plant will only be sold in the U.K. for now. It's an annual, which means growers must buy new seedlings every year. A similar plant called the Potato Tom is available in New Zealand.

Article by ABCnews - http://abcnews.go.com