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Futuristic Food Trends - Soylent

Rosa Labs/Soylent


Rob Rhinehart, the chief operating officer of Solylent, said that many people find food preparation boring and expensive. His answer is a 33-ingredient, grayish-colored liquid supplement designed to provide all the essential nutrients. And it can be customized for preferences, allergies and disease management.

Rhinehart said it's possible to subsist on Soylent exclusively but most of the testers who tried it, drank it for breakfast and lunch, then had a regular meal for dinner. Because it is classified as a supplement rather than food, it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The company has 1.5 million pre-orders, and the product ships in January.

Because production is relatively inexpensive and scalable, Rhinehart said Solyent is more than just a convenience. It has potential to help solve the food crisis in the developing world.

Article by ABCnews - http://abcnews.go.com