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Futuristic Food Trends - 3D Printed Food

Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg/Getty Images

3D Printed Food

In the not-too-distant future the "D" in 3D printing will stand for doughnuts, drumsticks and deviled eggs. Several companies are already experimenting with printing foods like chocolate and pasta by mixing together a series of dry ingredients to use as a sort of edible ink.

Currently, most 3D food printers can only print out basic foods that require only one or two ingredients. A few can print with up to six ingredients at a time. As they get more sophisticated, experts predict they'll be able to print out complete customized meals on demand.

Beyond giving every consumer the ability to print up exactly what they crave, 3D-printed edibles have the potential to revolutionize space travel. NASA has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research contract to Systems and Materials Research Consultancy, based in Austin, Texas, to study the possibility of printing food for space travel.

This would solve the longstanding problem of how to feed astronauts on the long flight to Mars. Could be that the first humans to set foot on the red planet will celebrate by printing up a cake.

Article by ABCnews - http://abcnews.go.com